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Each day brings new possibilities for unfortunate accidents and liability claims. Many people don't recognize their loss exposures, which can result in catastrophic loss and significant financial burden. Failure to purchase personal umbrella insurance could cost your family a fortune!

Personal Umbrella Insurance Overview

Why choose Lionstone for your Personal Umbrella Insurance?
  • Limits up to $10,000,000 for preferred applicants
  • Coverage for an unlimited number of automobiles
  • Coverage for up to 15 1-4 Family Dwellings
  • Coverage for watercraft up to 75 feet
  • Coverage for youthful and elderly operators
  • $5,000,000 in coverage for a risk with a DUI in the household – for a driver of any age
  • Coverage for jet skis and wave runners
Personal Umbrella Insurance Advantages:
  • True Umbrella Coverage
  • First dollar coverage for Non Owned Boats, RV’s and autos rented outside of the US
  • No self-insured retention
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Broad definition of Bodily Injury
  • Personal Injury included at no charge if covered by primary policies
  • No animal or dog exclusion is covered by primary policies

Personal Umbrella Insurance Claims Examples:

Do you recognize your need for a Personal Umbrella? Large liability claims can devastate a family. Don’t let an unexpected event jeopardize your future.

  • Internet Blogger:The insured’s daughter hated math class as well as the teacher. The daughter made several “disparaging” and false remarks about her teacher online. The teacher sued the parents for personal injury and $750,000 was paid.
  • Faulty Furnace: The insured’s tenant claims she became ill from carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from a faulty furnace. The tenant claimed permanent brain damage and demanded $750,000.
  • Coaching Circumstances: A teenager, who was destined for greatness as a softball player, filed a $700,000 lawsuit against her former coach, alleging his “incorrect” teaching style ruined her chances for an athletic scholarship.
  • Falling Concrete: A hillside on the insured’s property was covered with concrete to prevent erosion. The concrete had been installed before the insured purchased the property. Approximately 5 feet of the concrete fell to the neighboring property knocking the claimant’s home from its foundation. The resulting claim was settled for $970,000.
  • Paintball Misfortune: The insured permitted several of her children and their friends to play paintball in her large back yard. The children were experienced and advised of all the safety rules including the use of headgear at all times. A participant removed her headgear as she was leaving the field in order to better hear someone calling her name. The minor claimant was hit in the eye resulting in a $475,000 settlement.
  • Beach Explosion: The insureds hosted a beach party for their daughter. One of the attendees found what was believed to be an empty and discarded propane tank. The tank was thrown into a beach bonfire and subsequently exploded resulting in severe injuries to several guests. A $20,000,000 claim was filed alleging the insured failed to properly supervise the party.

Why Buy Personal Umbrella Insurance:

You have worked hard to create your wealth, but are you protected if someone take you to court?
  • You have a candle burning in your bathroom. When your niece goes to wash her hands, her sleeve passes over the candle and is ignited. She suffers third degree burns and you are held liable. $917,000 was paid.
  • Your 14 year old is online making negative comments about his teacher to his friends and posting them on a website. The teacher finds out and sues. $750,000 was paid.
  • One out of eight serious automobile accidents is caused by a driver without insurance. What if you are hit by one of them? You or your family members are injured and require a stay in the hospital. There are catastrophic medical bills that exceed your Personal Automobile Policy UM/UIM limits.
You have worked hard to create your wealth, but are you protected if someone take you to court?
  • Jury verdicts continue to increase; they are up 240% since 1994 - with average awards from $418,000 - 2,960,000. This is in addition to defense costs, which can run well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars - even when the defendant wins in court.
Coverage Features Checklist:

The following are important coverages to have in your policy. Check to make sure you have all of these features:

Coverage Features

Our Policy Competitors' Policy
 Broad Bodily Injury definition including required Care, Loss of Service, Mental Injury & Humiliation ?
 Excess Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage for injuries and damages caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. ?
 Worldwide coverage with no restrictions on where the suit is brought coverage ?
 Bodily Injury/Personal Injury from your participation or volunteering with a youth sports organization ?
 Coverage for Host Liquor Liability ?
 Defense costs paid in addition to the policy limit ?

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